Naturo Sciences Green Super Food Review

Nowadays, most food items are filled with sugars, flavors, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and raw oils that make our body filled with radicals. These radicals then destroy the white blood cells and the good bacteria from our body and thus tear down our digestive system and immune system.

Due to the excessive usage of such products, inflammation and inflammation-related syndromes have increased a lot. Stress-related diseases, parasites, gluten sensitivity, food-borne illness, and vulnerability to viruses has also increased.

Luckily, all the above-mentioned problems can be easily avoided in a short period of time through the consumption of a number of whole organic raw foods. However, most people don’t have the time or resources to consume such organic foods on the regular basis.

This is where Naturo Sciences Green Super Food proves handy

The Naturo Sciences Green Super Food is a gluten-free and purely vegetarian raw food manufactured by Whole Leaf Greens. This product also has antioxidants of different fruits and vegetables in powder form. Filled with pure minerals and vitamins, Naturo Sciences Green Super Food will enhance your digestive as well as immune system. It is also an appetizing way to work on the way to your daily 9-5 routine.

Pros of the Naturo Sciences Green Super Food

  • Purely natural powder, manufactured from whole grain foods.
  • Provides ingredients like Vitamin C, folic acids etc.
  • Cautiously-manufactured food blend prepared from spinach, spirulina , barley grass, alfalfa, chlorella and wheat grass – all of the most significant super greens for detoxification, fiber, and nutrients.
  • Available in different flavors like Berry, Tangerine etc.
  • The product also has iodine supplements like seaweed and kelp.
  • It has a very smooth taste.
  • It helps in taking your hunger away.
  • The product is soy-free.
  • The product also contains 10% Zinc.
  • It has a living digestive enzyme which helps in boosting your immune system.
  • Naturo Sciences Green Super Food is purely vegan and gluten free.
  • It can be used as energy booster before your workouts.

Cons of the Naturo Sciences Green Super Food

  • Not very effective for weight loss.
  • The smell and flavor is not great.
  • Tastes very bad in water and can only be used with fruits and vegetables.
  • It has an artificial sweetener (makes the product much too sweet).
  • Not good for those who are allergic to iodine.
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