Webber Naturals Women’s Multi Probiotic with Cranberry, 45 capsules

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Many people, especially women, are plagued by urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, or some form of inflammatory bowel condition. Once established, these infections can recur over and over again. Probiotics, especially with the added benefits of Cranberry, provide a simple natural way to get these conditions under control. Women’s Multi Probiotic with Cranberry was designed to support normal populations of healthy intestinal and vaginal flora. Probiotics are known to support good digestive health, where they improve nutrient absorption, prevent or treat diarrhea or constipation, reduce lactose intolerance and restore intestinal balance following antibiotic treatment. Probiotics also support the urinary and vaginal health of women, young or old. Daily use can control existing conditions and prevent recurrences. Research shows that cranberry compounds prevent bacteria from sticking to the surfaces of the urinary wall, helping to treat and prevent infections. Probiotics are totally compatible with cranberry concentrate.