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The world’s first clinically dosed stack for high intensity cross-training! Your fast paced high intensity cross-training workouts are agreat way to build a lean, muscular, well-conditioned physique. But the high intensity and frequency of extreme full body cross-training creates different physical challenges. That’s why MHP, aglobal leader in performance nutrition innovations since 1997, designed the X-Fit Stack-2 powerful clinically dosed supplements specially formulated for your extreme training. Now, you can conquer your workouts and their unique challenges with X-Fit Trainer and X-Fit Power! X-Fit Trainer Pre-workout formula. Increase energy levels up to 79%, improve mental focus and maximize workout intensity. Increase muscular endurance and increase lactic acid buffering up to 35%. Boost strengthgains up to 45% and replenish muscle ATP energy stores. Lower cortisol up to 24% and promote lean muscle mass and recovery with exclusive CortiFit. Increase fat burning by burning up to 12% more calories for up to 4 hours after your workout! X-Fit Power muscle building & repair formula. Patent pending clinical dose of HICA and DAA. Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Increase testosterone levels up to 42% in just 12 days. Improve exercise performance and speed recovery.gain lean muscle mass and boost muscular strength. Trainer harder. Build muscle. Burn fat. Recover faster. 4 week supply. High intensity cross-training conquer it. . . X-Fit! A new era in training as emerged! Millions of fitness enthusiasts have taken a step away from traditional bodybuilding workouts and embraced a new high intensity training philosophy. These fast-paced, high energy, full body workouts all have a similar focus: exercise consistently, keep the intensity high, vary your workouts, restless between sets and push your body to the limit. That’s what it means to training X-Fit style-Xtreme Fitness Intensity Training.