Zinc Echinacea Lozenges-Cherry Quantum 48 Lozenge

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Zinc Echinacea Lozenges-Cherry by Quantum 48 Lozenge Thera Zinc Lozenges Adding Echinacea extract to our already popular Thera Zinc lozenges has been a natural winner. The lozenges also contain immune boosting Bee Propolis and Goldenseal. Studies indicate that Echinacea stimulates the bodys immune response. This winter use the complete Thera-Zinc formula – with Echinacea. With zinc echinacea Vitamin A Bee Propolis Slippery Elm Elderberry Larch Mullein and natural flavors. The economical zinc lozenge that provides maximum support. Ingredients One Lozenge Contains Zinc (Gluconate) 14mg Vitamin A (Acetate) 500 IU A proprietary blend of Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus Fulva) f Echinacea (4 l) Propolis Elderberry Larch and Mullein. Natural flavors.