Allergy Research (Nutricology) – Fast & Be Clear, 900 g powder Price:  $48.84 (as of 15/06/2018 18:30 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


Fast & Be Clear provides nutritional support for detoxification and fasting.* … Fasting, or abstaining from food, is recognized as an appropriate and effective detoxification therapy that not only provides rest for the digestive system, but also limits the intake of toxins and antigens. This allows the body’s detoxification system to effectively proceed without dealing with the continued buildup of toxic and allergenic dietary components from regular eating.* … Fast & Be Clear was designed to be free of common dietary allergens (e.g. wheat or dairy) while providing nutrients that support detoxification. This is especially important, as fasting can lead to depletion of liver glutathione, and thus reduce the body’s capability to quench oxidative free radicals. The liver plays a major role as the main organ of detoxification and xenobiotic metabolism.*