Greens+ extra energy -Orange Flavour Single Serving (13.3g Sachet) Brand: Genuine Health



80mg caffeine from Gota Kola per serving. This growing energy crisis has led to the popularity of energy drinks – most of which include an effective dose of moderate caffeine (80mg) and taurine (1000mg). While this combination has been shown in research to improve mental performance and mood, over time, these drinks actually contribute to energy-drain largely due to their empty calories, such as sugar or artificial sweeteners which provide little to no nutrients or antioxidants.

By taking greens+ extra energy, not only do you get an extra boost to sustain long-term energy, you also get over 23 plant based, health-promoting ingredients. Neither energy drinks nor coffee can delivery anything remotely close!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or you get the product price back! Put quite simply, people feel better when they take greens+. Some people have felt increased energy levels while others have improved mental acuity and the ability to better deal with stress. A big plus for everyone in todays fast-paced, hectic world.

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